Artist Statement

Perhaps ironically, my attraction to painting unpeopled structures, especially from travels to other cultures, is inspired by a keen awareness of those who have lived in or made them -- or simply the march of humanity past them over sometimes centuries.  The images that stir my need to paint them have made me more intensely aware of the connectedness people share.

They contain evidence of a lineage of humans we can no longer see physically, but who have left an imprint and residual spirit in the world that they, too, occupied.

Like us, they were born, struggled to create a life, lived, loved, had sorrow and joy, and died.  We know so little of them, as we all project so little of our true selves to the world, and yet we know everything.

We are all on a spiritual journey whether we consciously mean to be or not.  Perhaps an important key to enlightenment is the appreciation of the quest of others, no matter how differently they go about striving for it.