Born in Caruthersville, Missouri, in 1950, Pennie Brantley now lives and works in Boston and the Taconic Mountains of New York with her artist husband, Robert Morgan, following a three-year sojourn in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  An art-study tour in the Soviet Union almost 40 years ago initiated international explorations which are the basis of her work linking homage to the people-made world with psychological states.

Although Brantley studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, Ontario College of Art, and the University of Texas, she is primarily a self-taught painter.  She has worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, philosophy tutor, and gallery director.  In organizing ARTcetera ’98, Boston’s AIDS Action Committee’s major exhibition and auction, she was instrumental in raising $600,000 for AIDS patients.  Her work has been featured in over 70 articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines.  She is also represented in numerous exhibition catalogs and has been interviewed for educational television.  Brantley and her husband are featured in a 2010 documentary on Boston artists.